We make Customs Clearing Vary Simple:

1. Just forward all the documents that you received from your supplier / factory / Freight-Forwarder / Shipping-Company.
.     a.  Sea/Ocean shipment ( Invoice,  Packing-list,  Bill-of-lading / BL, or Original-Bill-of Lading,  ISF Form,   Sea Arrival Notice & etc.)
.     b.  Air shipment   ( Invoice,   Packing-list,  Air-Way-Bill (AWB)  & etc )
.     c.  Truck / Rail      ( Invoice,   Packing-list,  Bill-of-lading / BL,  Country-of-Origin & etc. ) (Mexico/Canada)
d.  Hand-Carrying the items/shipment in to US Airport (click here)

2. Sea Shipment(s): Contact us 6 or 7 days before your shipment is in a US Port with Arrival Notice or with-OUT Arrival Notice.
.      6-7 days before your shipment is in a US Port your freight forwarder / supplier / vessel / carrier will be Contacting you with Arrival Notice.
.     We can clear your shipment 5 days Before your Shipment is in a US Port

3. Air & Trucking/Rail: please contact us ASAP with the documents that you received from your supplier(s) / Factory / Freight-Forwarder
US Customs Clearing . com
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PH:  (718) 717-2680 (NY #)
PH:  (305) 831-4800 (FL #)
PH:  (210) 787-3480 (TX #)
Fax: (424) 702-3262
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Dale Dong Young Park, dba A Plus Customs Broker (Filer Code AEF)

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ISF 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)

List US Ports  
click above link, Click on the State, Than a City

Ocean Freight Forwarder: Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

Air Forwarders by Air Forwarders Association

Filing a Complaint about Freight Forwarder

Details on CBP & Import requirements (click here) & (click here)

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We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime
Our specialty is Customs Clearing, Just as you specialize in your products or as your factory specialize in manufacturing your goods
All costs are clearly displayed so that there are no surprises.  USCustomsClearing.com is Unlike other Custom Brokers, other Customs
Broker fees are always mysteries and only time they would answer is if you asked the right questions.

Customs Clearing fees and US customs fees for all shipment by Sea/Ocean, Air & Truck/Rail:
Entry Filing = $110  
2. Service fee (Any US Ports) = $25
3. US Customs Duty & Tax (IF any) HTC/HTS Code search (click here) or call & email US Customs Import Specialist (click here)(Gov Fees)
4. Harbor Maintenance Fee (HMF)  ( .001250 X your invoice value) (Sea/Ocean shipment ONLY) (Government Fees)
5. Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) ( .003464 X your invoice value) (min of $25 and max of $485) (Government Fees)
6. FDA, EPA/DOT, USDA, Lacey-Act, other agencies & after 2 Classification of HTC/HTS (IF any) ($10 - $50 per items/lines) (Gov/our Fees)
7. X-Ray inspection / Intense Examination, Warehouse, Trucking  & Etc. (IF any) (Government Fees)
8. Service Agreement (Click Here) (IF any) & Single Entry Bond Fees (Click Here) (IF any) or Continuous Bond (click here) (IF any)
9. Or if have a Continuous Bond or Single Entry Bond please email us a the copy of Bond, before your entry is filed with US Customs.

10. After Customs Clearing is done: Payment Term, Pick-up, Trucking, Freight Forwarder agent & Warehouse (IF any) (click here)
Form's from US Customs, FDA, USDA, EPA & other Agency:
1. ACH Debit Applications with US Customs (CBP) for Duty/Tax (click here) or make check out to U.S. Customs and mail the Original to
.   us ASAP,
MUST have your own Continuous Import Bond.  (click here) to apply for your own Continuous Import Bond
2. Textile & Apparel VISA and Quota Requirements, Importing from China & other Countries (click here)  
3. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) Notice Detention CBP Form 329-A samples (click here)
4. CBP 7501 form (Entry Summary) & CBP 3461 Form (Entry/Immediate Delivery) and Deliver Order (Pick-up Order) (click here)
5. CBP form 4790 ( Transporting Money/Currency)  (click here)     /  CBP form 105 ( Transporting Money/Currency)  (click here)
6. CBP (US Customs & Import  Requirements, Guide for Commercial Importers (click here)
7. USDA Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Application for Permit (click here)
8. USDA Emergency Action Notification sample (click here), CBP Form 3499 (click here), CBP Form 7512 (click here)
9. USDA Fumigation Certificate Sample (click here), Chinese Fumigation Certificate Sample (click here)
10. USDA Register Certificate Sample (click here).  Simple Hand-Carry gone wrong (click here)
11. UDSA Dairy Import Program License Application and Administration (click here) & file FDA, also most are QUOTA ENTRY
12. To check if your are importing Anti Dumping (ADD) items &/or Countervailing (CVS) items (click here) or call US Customs (click here)
13. FDA: New Drug Application Forms & Submission Requirements (click here)
14. FDA: To Import any Food related Your Factory MUST be register "'Registration of Food Facilities Step-by-Step Instructions (click here)
15. FDA: Medical Devices Topics (click here)    510(k) Screening Checklist (click here)
16. To import any Motor Vehicle:  Parts / Classic /  Antique Vehicles / cars / Off-Road / ATV's / Snowmobiles / Motorcycle & Etc. (click here)
17. Importing a Motor Vehicle by CBP (click here)
18. EPA Form 3520-1 / 3520-21 (click here)   &  DOT Form HS7 (click here) OR CBP (click here) : Importing Car or Vehicle
19. EPA / CBP / DOT: Permanently importing a motorcycle (click here)
21. EPA (form 3501) Notice of Arrival of Pesticides & Devices / Motor Vehicles Equipment (click here)
22. EPA certification (Sample) (click here)
23. Exporting a Motor Vehicle (click here)
24. DOT Declaration (Importation of Motor Vehicles & Motor Vehicle Equipment Subject / Federal Motor Vehicle Safety) (click here)  
25. CBP all other forms (click here)  
26. Regulatory Procedures Manual -August 2012 Chapter 9 Import Operations And Actions (click here)
27. Canada Customs Broker list (click here)
28. Application for Explosives License or Permit (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives / BATF) (click here)
29. Look-up: If your are importing Anti Dumping (ADD)  and/or Countervailing (CVS) items (click here)
30. US Department of Transportation Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) (click here)
.       a. Sample Cover Letter Fireworks (EX)  - APA Standard 87-1 request transportation approval and classification (PHMSA) (
click here)
.       b. Sample Cover Letter Fireworks (EX)  - APA Standard 87-1 Approval  Application (PHMSA) (
click here)
31. If you are importing Aluminum Windows (click here)
a. Customs Clearing Power of Attorney (POA) (click here) + Scan copy: signer of POA Driver Licence OR Passport OR Green Card OR Etc.
b. IF you are importing FDA/USDA/ATF/TTB/DOT/EPA/ABC/RFCC & etc., related it products, you MUST file Prior Notice, Contact us ASAP.  
c. Ask your supplier to do Telex Release on your shipment, But if you do received an OBL, Mail the OBL to your US Freight Forwarder
d. All US Customs/Our Fees are Estimate, US Customs/We reserve the rights to amend any fees anytime, anywhere.
e. As for shipping, it may be cheaper to use your suppler (3th world countries) labor & ship it to US Port. (click here) for shipping
.     glossary, after your shipment is in US Port we could help you with Trucking Arrangement, Customs Clearing & other services
f. Details about US Customs & Import  requirements (click here) & (click here) &  A Guide for Commercial Importers (click here)
g. By US Customs (CBP) Prohibited and Restricted Items (click here)
h. Two type of Hand-Carried shipment(s) that needs Customs Clearing (On-Site & Remotely) (click here)
. Export: Schedule B and HS Number (click here)
2. Common Export Documents (click here)
3. Export International Logistics (click here)
4. Export to China, Hardwood Forest Products (click here)
5. Export processing (click here)